Household products & polishes

Our collection of handy products for around the house, home, garden and garage
  • Aristaeus car and air freshener
    Made from our refined beeswax and coconut oil with a generous serving of fragrance and in an 8oz jelly jar with a daisy cut lid to let the scent captivate your sense of smell.

    These are awesome for the house, the bathroom, the car or ute or the caravan and will last in excess of six months with no reduction in the scent.

    We have a good range of scents available.
    NZ$ 17.90 each
  • Aristaeus leather creme
    Available in 70g or 140g tins, our leather creme is great for restoring and protecting leather.
  • Aristaeus wood polish
    Available in 70g or 140g tins, our wood polish is made with boiled linseed oil, vegetable turpentine and beeswax.

    It provides a fantastic finish to most timber or wood, but particularly native timbers and oak.

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