• Single site, small batch honey
    Our honey is one of the closest things to nature you can get. We pride ourselves on being able to trace every jar of honey back to the site it came from and, because it's all small batch and single site, it's all limited edition. We don't heat treat any of our honey and we don't use any chemicals in our hives. We also offer a fill your own service - while we don't use plastic for any of our honey, we're more than happy to refill your container to keep it away from landfill. Just bring your own container into the shop and get 25% off the kilo price for that honey variety. But wait, there's more...we're also able to supply honey in bulk. Again, while we generally pack our honey in glass jars, we can look at options for providing honey in non-glass containers, with 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg options for a selection of our honey varieties.
  • Infused and flavoured honey
    A selection of flavours infused in our small batch honey. Our current selection includes Manuka with lemon, Manuka with blackcurrant, chocolate, matcha, raspberry, boysenberry, apple and cinnamon, lemon, blueberry and blackcurrant.
  • Made in HB chocolates
    A selection of chocolates, handmade in Hawke's Bay by Christine at Chocolate & Craft Cottage. Choose, from honey filled, peppermint, mixed, chocolate ginger, coconut rough, chocolate marshmellows and Easter bunnies.
  • Oral care
    Sustainable oral care - a range of eco friendly products, including bamboo toothpastes and toothpaste, plus toothpaste tablets.
  • Balms, skincare & soaps
    We have a range of skincare and other products, some carefully crafted by us, some sourced from other local or NZ companies. We have hemp seed, kawakawa and calendula balms made by Aristaeus and available in a size to suit every purpose. We also have face and hair care products, lip balms, moisturisers and body butters. We use organic ingredients where we can, but when supply is limited, we use the best ingredients available.
  • Beeswax
    Beeswax from our Aristaeus hives. Our beeswax can be used for your own balms, polishes or wraps. We have small blocks or buy larger quantities in bulk.
  • Beeswax wraps
    Beeswax wraps are an environmentally friendly alternative to cling film, which is a single use product made primarily from PVC (which in turn is made from carbon, hydrogen and chlorine). There is also talk of this plastic being harmful to human health. Made from our own blend of beeswax from our hives, jojoba oil and pine resin. We've done extensive research and eaten a lot of food from varying size plates and bowls to come up with what we believe are the best sizes. Available in four sizes and three multi packs. For those keen to have a crack at making their own, we also have a DIY block with instructions, plus a recharge block. Please note that because our products are all carefully handmade, there may be some minor variation in size, colour and shape.
  • Household products & polishes
    Our collection of handy products for around the house, home, garden and garage
  • Merchandise & gifts
    And not just for Christmas!

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